This semester you will be working in a group project for Chemistry. The aim of this project is for you to apply the chemistry concepts covered in class. Working in groups of three or four, you will carry out research on an area of technology that uses chemistry. You will create a website of your information and then present on your research to the class. This project will be worth about 10% of your chemistry grade.

You will need to research how some of these problems were solved in the past. Names of compounds, formulas, chemical reactions and equations all must be included in your report. Remember that this is a CHEMISTRY project. Try to use what you are being taught in class as a guide.

Step 1: Select your group members and the area for research. Then mind map your topic and show to your teacher.

Step 2: Create a list of all the compounds, ores, minerals you will need, there formulas and how you will process the ores to produce the raw materials you will need.

Step 3: Once you have all your raw materials explain how you will use them to produce what your colony needs.

Step 4: Research modern or new technologies in the area you have covered.

Step 5: Turn your research into a webpage. Check out the layout here

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