Exercise Two: Succession and Terraforming Arda

You have been given the task of establishing a human colony on this planet. The colonists will be traveling from Earth and this is a one way trip. You will have a number of ships to transport the colonists, their equipment, selected plants, micro-organisms and animals. Due to the distance from Earth and other financial considerations the next ship to visit this planet will be in 500 years. Once the colony has been established it must survive by itself for this time period.

You need to create a complete list of organisms (plants, animals & microorganisms) that the colonists will need to establish a colony on Arda that will thrive and prosper. Group the organisms based on their classification and purpose in the ecosystem. You should plan in what order you want the organisms to arrive on the new planet.

The colonists will have to grow their own food and live off the land. Space is not a consideration, and you have plenty of space ships. But it will be a one way trip. Once the ships are sent they can not be returned.

Probes have analyzed the planet and a terra forming factory has created an atmosphere similar to Earth's. There is plenty of water and broken up rock, the physical basis of soil. The basic climatic conditions are the same as Earth's. But no life has been found in the oceans or soil. You have several ships at your disposal to carry plants, animals, microorganisms and the colonists. The ships will be leaving Earth over the course of several hundred years with the last ship to leave carrying the colonists. The ships will arrive at the planet at different times so use this fact into help your planning.

Remember you are trying to create ecosystems that will support an human colony of over 20,000 people for at least 500 years.

Points to consider

What services will the organisms provide in the ecosystem you are trying to create.

Here are some suggestions: Click here!

The ideas for this exercise come from Gretchen Daily's book Nature's Services.

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