Curtis Hall

Traditional film and darkroom methods are taught in Curtis Hall. Our classroom includes a fully equipped darkroom with 14 enlarger stations and a large communal sink. We also have a small photo library and specialized equipment including: tanks, sinks and dryers for film processing,  mat cutters and heated presses for final presentation, and a variety of cameras and auxiliary equipment. Each student is provided with a shared locker, their own drying rack, and a film and print storage box. Curtis Hall is building 2 on the Campus Map and is also the site of the Menlo Bookstore.

New Media Lab

Digital photography is taught in the New Media Lab. This room is equipped with a large overhead display screen and 20 computer workstations each running iPhoto and Photoshop. In addition, several color inkjet printers are used for producing final prints.  The New Media lab is building 9 on the Campus Map and is located just behind Stent Hall.


Pete Zivkov           (650)  533-8862 (mobile)  

Pete is an exhibiting fine art photographer and teacher. He frequently teaches film and digital photography workshops and classes for adults. Pete has previously owned and operated a technology support business for visual artists. He holds two engineering degree from Case Western and Ohio State Universities. In a previous career, he was an R&D engineer and manager at Hewlett Packard. Please see www.zivkov.com for personal work and additional information.


On Campus

All photo students participate in the following on campus exhibits:

  1. Creative Arts Week

  2. Winter Exhibit during the first week of December

  3. Spring Exhibit in the last week of April

Ongoing Mini Exhibits

Selected students often provide personal or mini exhibits in the following venues:

  1. Menlo School Library

  2. Menlo School Student Center

Special Exhibits Off Campus

Students may also participate in special, off campus exhibits:

  1. Gallery House, Palo Alto

  2. Pacific Art League, Palo Alto

Exhibits provide our students the experience of formal presentation, hosting a reception, and an introduction to the process of selling artwork. The Founder’s Award is given to one selection at each exhibit by our program’s primary donor and founder.

Please see our home page for current event and exhibit info.