Menlo Photo Bank


In 2008, Menlo School introduced a new service for sharing and archiving high quality photos of campus life. The Menlo Photo Bank is a place for public distribution of photos related to student events and ongoing activities at Menlo School. Anyone can view, and re-use photos which are edited and posted there by Menlo’s Image Director, Pete Zivkov. The Menlo Photo Bank uses as a way to collect, organize and share these images. Primary users of these images will be school print and online publications, the student body, and Menlo families.

Menlo Photo Bank images are organized by chronological events, called sets. You can simply browse an event, or search for specific photos by entering in a desired text tag. For example, searching for "Norm Colb" will return all images containing Norm. Click on the Tags link just below the Menlo logo to see which keywords are being used.

If you have high quality, high resolution photos you want to share with the Menlo community, please provide them on CD-ROM to our Image Director, Pete Zivkov. He will post the best of these selections to the Photo Bank with additional text tags so that everyone can see, search and re-use them.

We have started the 2008-9 school year with just a few hundred images, but we hope to establish a much larger library and archive of photos over time. We are also hoping to get your input and feedback as this new system is developed.