For 10th-12th graders, we currently offer the following year-long classes:

  1. Beginning Photography (1 year - 3 classes of 14 students) - This is an introductory, how-to survey class that teaches students the basics of film and digital photography. The first semester covers the use of traditional 35mm film, SLR cameras, and darkroom processing methods. Students learn to use a manual camera, shoot and process their own black and white film, and make prints in the darkroom. In addition, they study the history of photography in the 19th and 20th centuries through famous figures. In the second semester  the class covers the use of digital cameras, color image editing with iPhoto and Photoshop, and inkjet printing.  Students learn about the basics of image resolution for screen and print, key quality factors, and non-destructive editing methods. Throughout the course, students develop practical skills through directed assignments and several self-defined projects. Two formal in-school exhibitions also provide students the chance to mat, present, and even sell their work.

  2. Advanced Photography (1 year - 1 class of 14 students) - The advanced class extends its study of traditional black and white photography to include large and medium format film cameras. Emphasis is placed on using the highest quality materials, advanced darkroom techniques, and self-defined projects. Advanced photography students are provided with additional opportunities to exhibit their work at school and at external venues. Students regularly read, write and discuss ideas related to art and photography. The history component of the advanced class focuses on more recent and contemporary photographers.

  3. Both beginning and advanced students normally provide their own cameras and supplies (film & paper), but we can usually provide loaner cameras to any student who need them. All required supplies are available for purchase at the Menlo Bookstore.

We also offer the following for all upper school students:

  1. Weekly Photo Club meetings

  2. An intensive, week-long Knight School Class related to photography. Over the previous few years we have offered the Picture and the Poem, a class combining darkroom photography and poetry writing.

  3. Summer Enrichment Classes on traditional darkroom and/or digital photography. Please see the Menlo School web site for further details.